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Our Mission

Gourmet Cooking & Living, located in Brooklyn, NY, is a family owned specialty food company, dedicated to pioneering the best in Italian foodstuffs. We share, with transparency, where our products come from, how they are made, and what they taste like, so consumers can feel as connected to and passionate about them as we are. We have high standards and values and only select natural and healthful products.

At the heart of our company is our Italian Olive Oil of the Month Club. We select a monthly outstanding extra virgin olive oil from a new region of Italy and ship it directly to our customers’ doors.

Over the years, customers have asked us to help them curate the perfect pantry of items to complement the monthly olive oils. We have hand selected a collection of Italian specialties including organic nutrient rich tomato sauce, small batch cured vegetables, bio-dynamically grown organic balsamic vinegar, medicinal grade raw honeys and more.

An integral part of our mission is promoting the culture of high quality food and increasing awareness about extra virgin olive oil as an essential, meal elevating ingredient to enhance food taste and flavor, rather than using it as just a condiment. Each olive oil has a different personality, complemented best by specific foods. The right extra virgin olive oil enhances your meal, like the right wine.

Our Story

Company Founders Jennifer and Nazzareno Callipo share a passion for food, travel and family traditions. Nazzareno spent most of his youth on his grandparents’ farm in Calabria, Italy, helping with the multitude of tasks that accompany changing seasons, from tomato to wine to sausage to olive oil making, all the while learning the flavors of food from their “roots” to the “dish”. As his mother Maria says, “he was born in olive oil”, as she was harvesting olives two hours before she gave birth.

After graduating from college in Italy, Nazzareno moved to New York to pursue his master’s degree. While studying, he worked at the Italian Culinary Center, where he expanded his food culture and met some of the best chefs in the country who shared and fueled his passion. Here, Nazzareno and Jennifer met at a cooking class. It was love at first sight, both sharing a passion for food and Italy. Jennifer, born and raised in Brooklyn, started her career in media and then high-end furniture industry in Manhattan where she advanced in business development and gained an appreciation for high quality products.

A few years into their relationship, Jennifer and Nazzareno decided to join their knowledge and skills into a family business that would allow them to share the best in Italian products with others. Today, along with their two young boys and the support of their extended family they are dedicated to their philosophy of bringing the best products into the homes of their family, friends, and clients.