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FAM Monocultivar Ravece Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Azienda Agricola F.A.M.

FAM Monocultivar Ravece Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an outstanding olive oil very elegant and versatile. It presents a clear scent of green olives, fresh cut grass, green tomato and artichoke. Bitterness and spiciness are well strong and persistent with notes of artichoke and green tomato. Ideal used on grilled meat, legume soups, pasta dishes, and on bread.

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Tasting notes

  • Production Zone: Venticano, Avellino, Campania
  • Denomination: Organic Certified
  • Cultivars: Paranzana, Ortice, and Ravece
  • Acidity Level: 0.22 %
  • Polyphenols: 516 mg/kg
  • Peroxide: 6.1 meq. of O2/kg
  • Fragrance:  Intense fruitiness with strong notes of green olives and fresh cut grass, and hints of green tomato and artichoke.
  • Color: Intense golden yellow with green reflex
  • Harvest: October 2019
  • Taste: Harmonious green notes of artichoke, tomato and citrus, with a strong and persistent bitterness and spiciness.
  • Extraction System: Continuous system at controlled temperature


Azienda Agricola F.A.M.

Flora, Antonio and Maria Tranfaglia, three siblings, created the company F.A.M. based on their desire and pursuit to put into fruition the passionate initiative of their father, Marciano. Marciano’s dream was to make olive oil the pride of the Irpinia area, in the region of Campania, and for it to become a treasured art that would be regarded for centuries to come. F.A.M. is located in the Town of Venticano, a small hillside community in Irpinia, in the province of Avellino, not far from Naples and the Amalfi coast. The company’s dedication to the search for perfection in the art of oil in the few years since its birth in 2000 has gained the appreciation of many lovers of good olive oil. The irrefutable basic idea for the Tranfaglia family is that the quality of the olive oil is primarily determined by the olive trees and then by all the other phases of production. The harvesting is mostly done by hand, and only the olives in perfect condition are picked and are subjected to pressing. The heart of the company is the mill; its 1800 square meters (approximately 20,000 square feet) are divided into large rooms according to the different production phases, the working of the olives, the conservation and the packing of the olive oil, and keeping intact the link between the oil tradition and the use of more modern technology. The company has a tasting room, meeting room and store opened to the public all year round, and visitors are welcomed. The energy and the passion of the young owners has driven the company to achieve the highest recognitions in the industry in just a few years: Three Olives and Label from Slow Food, Two Leaves from Gambero Rosso, Best Bio Olive Mill, First Place for the Intense Fruity category at the SOL of Verona, Gold Medal at the NY International Olive Oil Competition and many others.

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