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Magaria Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Azienda Agricola Sciauro di Sicilia


Exclusively made for our Club, Magaria Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil is freshly made from the season's first harvest, during the month of October 2021. Although olives harvested during this month do not yield a large quantity of oil, the quality is superior and the acidity level at its lowest. The olive oil is not filtered, therefore it retains all the flavors from the olives and the land where they grow. The presence of suspended particles is proof that it is an authentic olive oil. Magaria Limited Edition has a deep green color with reflections of gold. At the nose it presents an intense fruity aroma of fresh cut grass and green tomato. At the palate it reveals a strong notes of fresh herbs and artichoke, followed by a touch of bitterness, and finishing with a pungent spicy taste. When used raw, this olive oil is a perfect condiment for salads and boiled or grilled vegetables. Its organoleptic qualities are enhanced in soups and pastas, au gratin mollusks, grilled fish, and roasted meats. Perfect to marinade red and white meat.

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Tasting notes

  • Production Zone: Castelvetrano (Trapani), Sicily
  • Cultivars: 100% Nocellara del Belice
  • Acidity Level: 0.1%
  • Polyphenols: 311 mg/kg
  • Peroxide: 3.8 meq.O2/kg
  • Fragrance: Intense fruity aroma of fresh cut grass and green tomato
  • Color: Unfiltered, deep green with hints of gold
  • Harvest: October 2021
  • Taste: Strong notes of fresh herbs and artichoke, followed by a touch of bitterness and finishing with a pungent spiciness
  • Extraction System: Continuous system at controlled temperature

Azienda Agricola Sciauro di Sicilia

Located off the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Castelvetrano, Sicily, Sciauro di Sicilia has an impressive property spanning 30 acres in the heart and soul of the gorgeous Valle del Belice. Sicily’s rich history weaves a story of colonization, a dramatic and romantic tale of great military and political powers vying for control of the land and its productive wealth – olives. Sciauro di Sicilia is owned by Doctor Calcedonio Calcara, a lover of olive oil and a highly appreciated producer who has respect for his land and its traditions. He has a loving and gentle approach to his olives, pampering each tree as children and knowing them one by one: some are young, thin seedlings of a few years, while others are ancient olive groves with large foliage and twisted trunks. Each step of the production process is carefully monitored to ensure the highest quality. The olives are harvested by hand with a small team of 3 people, each bringing a highly specialized skill to the task. Then the olives are pressed immediately and each bottle is filled, labeled and numbered by hand.

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