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TaLia Moraiolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I Potti Dei Fratini

TaLia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pure representation of the Umbria terroir with its cultivar Moraiolo. Pleasent herbaceous notes with hints of almond, artichoke, thyme and mint. At the palate it starts delicate and buttery with almond note, followed a persistent bitterness and spiciness with notes of artichoke. Excellent on grilled meat, salmon, earthy pasta, vegetable soup, rich salad, and aged cheese.

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Tasting notes

  • Production Zone: Piedicolle, Perugia, Umbria
  • Denomination: N/A
  • Cultivars: Paranzana, Ortice, and Ravece
  • Acidity Level: 0.22 %
  • Polyphenols: 687 mg/kg
  • Peroxide: 7.8 meq. of O2/kg
  • Fragrance: Medium fruity, with complex herbaceous notes with hints of almond, artichoke, thyme and mint.
  • Color: Intense golden yellow with green reflex
  • Harvest: October 2020
  • Taste: Initially delicate and buttery with notes of sweat almond followed by persistent bitterness and spiciness with notes of artichoke thyme and mint.
  • Extraction System: Continuous system at controlled temperature

In 2016, the Oliveti del Poggio olive farm was founded by Matteo Fratini, 14 years after the creation of his family’s farm, Poggio dell’Oliveto. A labor of love and dedication, the farm stands proudly in the Media Valle del Tevere, in Piedicolle di Collazzone, a village near Todi, in Perugia. The Fratini family’s promise to care for the land and nurture its precious fruits drive their business and allow them to produce olive oil of the highest quality. They feel a sense of duty to their beloved olive trees and to raising and harvesting them in the most natural, respectful way possible. The company name, I Potti De Fratini, translates to “the sons of Fratini”, and is named for the descendants of a family of strong and healthy moral principles. Family is sacred and revered and their olive trees are no different

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