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Cartechini Mixed Hemp Seed Flour for Italian Pizza

Cartechini Food Brothers

This flour mix is ideal for pizza doughs. Made from hemp seeds, it is low in gluten and produces a pizza crust that is nutty and light yet nutritionally dense with protein, essential amino acids, and omega fatty acids. Highly digestible and light. Contains the 8 essential amino acids and is an important source of omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids.


Flour, hemp seed flour, dry yeast.

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Cartechini Food Brothers

The long story of Oleificio Cartechini dates back to 1939 when Giuseppe Cartechini started the production of extra virgin olive oil in a small room of his house located in Montecassiano, a little village in the heart of Marche countryside. At that time, Giuseppe had only at his disposal some simple "Molazze" spun around by a donkey and 2 wooden handled presses pulled with the help of a cow. Giuseppe became the father of seven children but only one of them named Mario showed passion for the culture of olive oil. Mario inherited from his father the wisdom, the experience and most importantly the love for this job. Mario was able to treasure all the knowledge about olive oil received from Giuseppe and passed it down for two generations. It is thanks to the love and the passion for the olive oil that Cartechini has become a brand synonymous with quality and tradition. In 1979, Mario, with his son Alexander, began to work on the modernization of the company and built a new mill, the current Oleificio Cartechini. With many sacrifices, they were able to furnish it with the best equipment. The following year, Alexander’s wife, Maria Teresa, gave birth to Marco and four years later she gave him a brother named Roberto. Like Mario did at that time, Marco and Roberto liked to spend time watching their father working. These two brothers are now young men and they are the third generation pursuing the family business. In 1994, Marco, who developed passion and love for food, enrolled at Cooking School in Loreto, where he stood out for his lively and rebellious attitude, for his creativity in cooking and for his ability to master new tastes and flavors. During this time, Marco attended classes in the morning and worked as a waiter in local restaurants and also lived abroad. Thanks to those experiences, he was able to bond with some important restaurants owners around the world who later on trusted him to work as a chef in their businesses. This allowed him to become an appreciated international chef. Marco is often requested to cook in many food events around the world from New York to Dubai. Nowadays, Marco is predominantly in Italy and serves as the C.E.O of Cartechini. Today, Cartechini exports to various countries including England, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Norway, China and the United States. Its product is synonymous with quality and tradition.

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