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Honeysuckle Honey

Edoardo & Manfredi

This honey is made without any pasteurization treatment. Not as sweet as average honeys. It is light in color, with fine crystallization and a gentle taste of honeysuckle. It is a versatile enough to be used as a table honey. In Italy is appreciated for its diuretic and purifying medical properties. Wonderful spread over toasted bread for breakfast, spooned over vanilla gelato or stirred into your favorite herbal teas. Can also be used as a healthier sweetener to replace processed sugar in cakes and breads.


Honeysuckle honey

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Edoardo & Manfredi

Edoardo & Manfredi produce all of their products in Sicily with 100% Sicilian raw materials. In the heart of Sicily, cradled by the Mediterranean sea, the Edoardo and Manfredi farm boasts five generations of farmers. The family cultivates everything from wheat to grapes, from clover to sweet corn, and from sunflowers to olives. All preserves are handmade on premises by Claudio and Anna Rizzi, husband and wife co-owners.

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