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Organic Whole Wheat Mezze Busiate Pasta from Sicily


Artisanal pasta made from a small batch of ancient grain Bidi'. From the farming of the grain to the milling of the flour and the production of the pasta all processes are done in Sicily under the strict control of the Barraco family. Mezze Busiate is a typical coil shapes pasta traditionally made in Sicily by hand by wrapping the dough around a stem from a wild plant called "Busa", from where this cut takes its name from. This pasta is perfect paired with a variety of rich sauces, most typical one being the traditional "Pesto alla Trapanese".


Durum wheat semolina flour, water

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Located in the heart of Sicily, in Marsala, Barraco began in 2004 with the ambition of sharing wines made with the native grape varieties of Sicily and its terroir. The company delves deep into its family roots, inspired by generations of peasant traditions and winemaking in the town of Marsala. After success in wine production, Vini Barraco has embarked on a new ambition: sharing traditional Sicilian pastas. Barraco pastas are made using the same peasant traditions that drive and inspire their wine production. All of their pastas are made from simple combinations of organic wheat semolina flour and water. The goal is to preserve Sicilian traditions and show respect for the nature and its terroir.

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