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Red Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP Organic and Biodynamic Certified Demeter

Acetaia Guerzoni

The youngest Modena balsamic vinegar of the line, it is produced entirely from a selection of organically grown, biodynamic grapes from the Guerzoni vineyards exclusively located in Modena. Produced from a skillful blend of cooked must, the wine vinegar contains no preservatives or food coloring and is refined in oak barrels. With its intense fragrance and pungent flavor with a sweet, slightly astringent note, it is ideal for everyday use.


Wine vinegar, grape must.

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Acetaia Guerzoni is a generations old family owned farm with deep roots in Modena. The company’s mission is to produce products true to tradition, with respect for the land as well as utilizing modern techniques as needed. All farming was converted to organic and biodynamic in the 1970’s, a progressive change not seen anywhere else in the industry at that time. Acetaia Guerzoni was also the first company in Italy to receive a special certification in the 1980’s for balsamic vinegar production. Today, operations are managed by three grandchildren who continue producing outstanding organic balsamic vinegars for which their grandfathers would be extremely proud.

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